Test Targets 6.0

by Robert Chung, Franz Sigg, Dimitrios Ploumidis
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Test Targets is a collection of scholarly papers contributed by faculty, students, and alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology. It is a collaborative effort exploring the use of scientific method for color imaging and process control. The content is a result of student teamwork to publish a technical journal for a graduate-level course titled: Advance Color Management. Offered by the School of Print Media (SPM) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the course is “a platform to experiment and to realize a new digital imaging paradigm and the dynamics of teamwork” (Robert Chung, Gravure Research Professor). This edition of Test Targets addresses various approaches to process control for both digital and conventional printing processes. PDF/X-3 is introduced with a focus on color agreement when added to workflows already using PDF/X1a. With the decrease in offset run length, and an increase in the use of digital printing, Test Target 6 offers articles exploring solutions to maintain press quality, the ability to color-match offset and the Kodak Nexpress, and a demonstration to how well the delta E formulas work. Proper image adjustments enable images to reproduce in an appealing and predictable manor. The Gallery of Visual Interest showcases image-handling concepts of digital images and the use of RGB-based color reference images for color management workflow analysis and visual color matching. Published by RIT School of Print Media, Rochester, NY, November 2006 Please note that half the profits from the sale of this product are donated to the RIT School of Print Media Scholarship Fund.

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Publisher: RIT School of Print Media Publication (11/2006)
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 70
Illustrations: 54 Full Color
Size: 8.25 in. x 10.5 in.
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Table of contents

Introduction & Acknowledgments, Robert Chung, ii
Process Control Testing for Resolution and Contrast, Franz Sigg, 1
Process Control for Metallic Color Printing Using Commonly Available Metrology in the Graphic Arts, Dimitrios Ploumidis, 7
Improving Printability on a Sheet-fed Offset Press With Continuous Dampening System Upgrade, Doug Caruso, 13
Color Mangement Applications The Effect of Profiling Target Variations on Colorimetric Accuracy of Printer Profiles, Robert Chung, 19
Implementation of PDF/X-3 in Production, Michael Riordan, Robert Chung, and Fred Hsu, 25
Matching Electrophotographic Color Printing to Offset Lithography - Color Measurement Targets Perform Magic, Henry B. Freedman, 33
Quality Assurance Bridging Traditional and Digital Printing Standards, Matthew Rees and Robert Chung, 37
Gallery of Visual Interest Pictorial Color Reference Images, 42
ΔE*ab vs. ΔE*00, 46
Handling Problem Images: Shadow/Highlight Adjustment, 48
Bit Depth, 50
Effect of Monochrome Image Reproduction, 51
Grey Component Replacement, 52
Test Forms IT8.7/3 Target (basic), 54
Pictorial Reference Images, 55
Synthetic Targets, 56
Total Area Coverage Chart (TAC), 57
Monochrome Test Target, 58
Color Sequence Target, 59
GRACoL P2P Test Target, 60
Grey Balance Chart, 61
IT8.7/4 (Random) Test Target - CMYK Ink Sequence, 62
IT8.7/4 (Random) Test Target - KCMY Ink Sequence, 63
IT8.7/4 (Visual) Test Target, 64
Press Run Organizer, 65
About the Author, 68