Red Cat Typography Pamphlet Set

by Jan Tschichold, Alexander Lawson
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The pamphlets in the letterpress printed set are Clay in the Potter's Hand by Jan Tschichold, and An Older Typophile in the Nineties: A Typophile Keepsake by Alexander Lawson.

Clay in the Potter's Hand was printed on a Golding No. 7 press with Linotype Garamond no. 3, hand-set Garamont, and san serif type on Mohawk Vellum and Wausau Bristol papers; edition of 200.

An Older Typophile in the Nineties: A Typophile Keepsake was printed on a 1922 Kelly B & a Colts Universal platen press with Linotype and Monotype Baskerville types on Mohawk Vellum paper; edition of 300.



Errors of the Press ch. XVIII, from Correct Composition by Therodore Low De Vinne, and Relief Printing Rollers by Lee Engdahl were previously included in this set, but are now unavailable.

Book details

Publisher: Engdahl Typography, Vineburg, California (01/1992)
Binding: saddlestitched booklets
Size: about 5.75 x 8.25 in. each
Shipping Weight: 0.4